AOL Mail is one of the oldest email services. It has been around for nearly two decades. It is a wonderful email service and is used by millions of people worldwide. But, there is a small problem associated with this service. If you do not use your AOL Mail account for 90 days, it ‘may’ get blocked or deactivated. This is why AOL itself recommends logging in to your account at least once in 90 days. But, what if your account has already been deactivated or blocked? How can you get it back? Do you need to call AOL Support? Not necessarily! This is something you can take care of yourself. We will learn how to in this article.

Note: Your AOL Mail account may also get blocked if several unsuccessful login attempts are made. This could happen when you enter the wrong password (in case you forgot your password) or someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your account.

What do I need to know? 

If your AOL account is blocked or deactivated, you will not receive new emails in your inbox. When someone will try to send the email to you, it will get bounced. If there is no activity for 90 more days (total 180 days) your account may get deleted permanently. If this happens, you will lose all your saved emails, attachments, photos, and every data associated with the account.

Here is what you need to do 

Thankfully, AOL allows you to reactivate your account. And they say – they are happy to have you back! You can reactivate the account on your own without having to contact AOL support. It doesn’t matter whether you have a free or paid AOL account, you can reactivate both. All you need is a few clicks.

First of all, visit the site and click the option ‘Login/Join’ on the top right. Or, you can directly visit the login page at

Now you simply need to enter your username (formerly called screen name) or email address and your AOL account password and click ‘Sign in’. Your account will get reactivated instantly. This will also make sure you start receiving your emails (the emails to your inbox will not bounce back).

Your account gets blocked after 90 days of no login. 90 days is a long time and some people forget their password. If this is the case with you too, there is nothing to worry about. No need to call AOL Support. Simply click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page. Enter your username or email address for which you wish to reset the password and click ‘Next.’ Follow the instructions on the screen to reset the password.

If you want to reactivate to a paid account, you can see the list of the plans at There are various choices available. Reactivating to a paid account will give you many benefits. You can read everything in detail on this page. Having a paid account is a great option for the professionals.